Medical Fetish

Are you someone who gets tingles when thinking of a medical environment? Does the thought of the Nurse making you get undressed, and then examining you, thrill you? Does the anticipation of being strapped down to the medical bed or dentist chair invade your thoughts at times? Does the cold hard steel of the medical or dental implements make your pulse race and your blood pressure increase? Have you eroticised a previous medical experience so that you get enjoyment from changing some of the details to suit your fantasy?

Well I think you may well have a medical fetish. Luckily, I think I might just have the treatment for that!

There are many different aspects to Medical Fetish and Domination. Much of what happens in a traditional dungeon can be transferred to the medical room. Psychological elements like the loss of control, being vulnerable, being at the mercy of someone else with no idea of what will happen next as well as physical elements like bondage, restraint and pain play are all easily transferable to the clinical environment.

Some people find the clinical environment very alluring. The smell of the antiseptic, the meticulously ordered environment, the cold, hard feel of the stainless steel medical implements or the smell of the rubber from the anaesthetic masks and tubing are what gets their pulse racing and blood pressure rising.

Other patients love watching the procedure from start to finish as the Nurse/Doctor takes her time sterilising the trolley, setting out the instruments, telling her patient what she is going to do to them before administering the treatments. Not knowing whether she is going to be a very warm nurturing nurse or a cold hard-hearted medic is thrilling to some patients too.

Giving up control of one’s body is a heady trip at the best of times. To give up control when someone else has the ability to modify, contort, stretch and challenge your physical sensations and emotions can be the biggest high you ever get.

For me, I adore the control and revel in reactions – I love to see what different reactions I get from different treatments. I can carry out the procedures with my eyes shut (though really not recommended), therefore I have almost all of my attention on my patient, pushing things as far as is safely and psychologically possible in the moment. There is no mistaking, many of the more extreme medical procedures can be very challenging, but with the right conditions even the most anxious of patients can amaze themselves with what they can handle.

The key element with being able to do this is trust. Once you find someone who you can have total trust in, you can relax and concentrate on being in the moment. My previous medical career should alleviate most concerns regarding knowledge, but this is only part of it. Being able to have confidence in how clean your environment is, how well the equipment is sterilised and how particular the practitioner is with her skills adds to the trust too.