Rubber and Latex Fetish


This is where all your restriction, hooding and rubber smelling delights come true, if I let them!

As well as being a Medical Mistress, I identify as a Rubber Fetishist, having developed a huge kink for anything smelling of latex over the years. I started with just loving the aesthetics, wearing it and how it felt. This moved onto an appreciation of the smell and the feeling of escapism when immersed in latex. I enjoy wearing latex in my clinic. Quite often these days I can be found wearing latex open eyed/mouthed masks/hoods as well as gas masks too during my play with long standing rubber visitors. I enjoy taking breath play a bit further with my rubber patients too, using rebreather gas mask combos so that they only get to breath my expelled air, very intoxicating.


Rubber encasement is something I revel in and the clinic is a perfect setting to enjoy that. Just about any of the medical treatments can be enhanced with the addition of latex. Whether that is wearing a latex patient gown, being encased in latex sheeting, being bound in the latex bodybag or the restriction of a latex Straight Jacket.

I have a growing collection of latex hoods and gas masks as can be seen by my photographs. Added to this I have a collection of various sized rebreather bags, tubes and anaesthetic masks to evoke memories of old school anaesthetics. Add in my Ventilator machine and the experience is off the scale.

Quite a while ago I added to my medical room a Dinamap ECG machine which happily monitors your heart rhythm as well as your blood pressure, your pulse and your Oxygen saturation. Being confident in reading ECG’s means I can happily take your breath play and anaesthetic roleplay just that bit further than even you thought you could go!


I’ve littered across my site many pics of the heavy latex items I have but here is also a list which I’m constantly adding to.

  • Inflatable latex bodybag.
  • 5 other various sized heavy latex bodybags.
  • Latex bondage catsuits.
  • Latex surf suits.
  • Catsuit with inflatable breasts.
  • Full enclosure catsuits.
  • Latex Sheeting.
  • Latex patient gowns.
  • Latex scrubs.
  • Latex corset and neck corset restraints.
  • Various sets of heavy latex arm binders.
  • Various pairs of latex fist mitts.
  • A multitude of hoods, masks, rebreathers, gas masks and anaesthetic masks/tubing.