The Clinic

The Clinic boasts top of the range equipment allowing for a clinical, sterile, uncluttered, intimidating yet strangely familiar environment.

I won’t go into every single small piece of equipment that I’ve got. It would be too time consuming for me especially as I’m adding to this all the time. I've lots of photographs on my site here as well as a few video clips to show how well equipped my Clinic is.

The main piece I have is a top of the range fully electric Medical plinth/gynae chair with beautiful white leather restraints if required. This bed gives versatility another dimension. It can be used as a normal examination couch/bed, used for gyn and rectal examinations ensuring the patient is suitably exposed, and also works surprisingly well for dental exam and breath play.

To add to this I have a fully installed dental light to aid with the intimidation for either oral exam, to blind the patient or disorientate while I’m examining or indeed to shed light on other areas of interest while I carry out my inspections or treatments.

I also have an original 1950′s Sterling Sapphire Dental Chair. This chair is in perfect working order and is in immaculate condition. The hydraulics work wonderfully to provide me with more amusement as I indulge in breathplay, dental play or just good old fashioned medical play. I’ve wanted to own an original dental chair for years and it did take a while to get one in such perfect condition.

Other items include…

  • Dinamap ECG/Bp monitor
  • Manley Pulmovent Ventilator
  • Anaesthetic roleplay equipment
  • A 1950s resuscitator
  • Rebreather and selection of hoods
  • Nebuliser, bubble bottle, masks/gags
  • Venus 2000 Machine
  • F-Machine
  • Electrics. Tens, E-Stim, Erostek
  • Violet wand
  • Dressing/procedure trolley
  • Mayo dental trolley
  • IV/Drip stands
  • Rubber Clinic items including latex bodybags, Straight Jackets, many differing hood, gas masks, rebreather hoods and equipment, latex sheeting, latex clothing