As I’ve said before I love getting reactions and feeding off the energy we create in session. I prefer sessions where I am in control and decide on the activities we engage in. If you have one activity in particular you must have then we are not compatible and you should approach another Medical Mistress. Similarly, if you like to give directions throughout the session and ask for more/less or differing activities then again, we are not best suited. Yes I know I am repeating myself here. However, I don’t feel I can emphasise this point too much.


Treatments/Scenarios I enjoy include the following.

Medical examination e.g. measuring height, weight and BP, ENT exam, chest auscultation and percussion, abdominal examination, testing of reflexes and so much more.

Continuous ECG, BP, Heart/pulse rate and Oxygen Saturation monitoring via an electronic dinamap. We may need to get to the bottom of why your pulse is so high!

Breath control and anaesthetic re-enactment role play using rebreathers, gas masks, gas cylinders and nebuliser therapy. Some very reminiscent of visits to the dentist in years gone by.

Bladder washout. Helps with bladder control.

Catheterisation and bladder control with clamping and intermittent release. What more control can nurse have than being in control of your bodily functions?

Urethral sounds and plugging. You may need a course of stretching in that area.

Scrotal inflation. Expands the scrotal sack and helps with elasticity.

Suturing, staples for genital modification and infibulation/mangina. Sometimes the patient can benefit from suturing the foreskin over, no more excessive masturbation!

Needles/injections/blood letting/cutting. Sometimes a necessary evil.

Electrics (be it tens, E-stim, Erortek or violet wand, each with various attachments). Can be used in gender reassignment procedures too.

Prostatic exam/stimulation. Let the nurse check if you are in good prostatic health.

Gender reassignment roleplay surgery. Lets get those balls off and give you a mangina! Then we can really start your change therapy. Perhaps you need to be transformed into a sissy patient who needs trained and mind control to do just as nurse orders.

Naso-gastric tubing. Not for the faint hearted.


Mind manipulation and behaviour modification. Let the nurse take charge of your mind and modify those less than socially acceptable behaviours so that you can continue as a valuable member of society without causing problems for yourself. This has been particularly useful if the behaviour has been inappropriate masturbation.

Chastity Clinic games and follow-up. Let Nurse Annisa take control of your orgasms and only allow them when she sees fit. You will be very surprised at the health benefits of not being consumed mentally by your own selfish sexual desires.

Sample Collection via electrical means! Never done by hand as samples need to be sterile when being sent to the lab. This treatment is only ever at the whim of Nurse Annisa, never expect it.

Enema play. A clean colon can help put a spring back in your step.

Anal play. Can include proctoscope examination, plugging or electrics. Anal examination and expansion. Sometimes it’s good to stretch that sphincter to improve muscle control. Or perhaps nurse will decide a prescription pegging is the best treatment for you.

Gynaecological examination. To check for any female issues.

Rubber clinic therapies. A whole other world on it’s own. (add link to Latex Clinic page)

Rehydration therapies. Nurse has many ways of getting fluids into you, whether you like it or not!

In patient scenario, this might include thorough medical examination, treatment plan as prescribed and post op care….you might even get a bedbath!

Two patient scenario. I get to treat two patients at once, giving one the chance to recover while I administer to another. This can be carried out with or without hoods or patient privacy screen.

Dental fetish and roleplay. Again, reminiscent of years gone by. Show me your teeth!

Medical bondage. Sometimes the treatments are so challenging the patient needs restrained for his own safety. It also helps that the nurse has a fetish for bondage too!

Pre-op shaving and preparations for surgery.

It should be noted that whilst I do enjoy sessions with poppers when appropriate, I don’t indulge in breath play involving heavier chemicals.