Rubber fetish clinic

This is where all your restriction, hooding and rubber smelling delights come true, if I let them!

As well as being a Medical Mistress, I identify as a Rubber Fetishist, having developed a huge kink for anything smelling of latex over the years. I started with just loving the aesthetics, wearing it and how it felt. This moved onto an appreciation of the smell and the feeling of escapism when engrossed in latex. I enjoy wearing latex in my clinic. Quite often these days I can be found wearing latex open eyed/mouthed masks/hoods as well as gas masks too during my play with long standing rubber visitors. I enjoy taking breath play a bit further with my rubber patients too, using rebreather gas mask combos so that they only get to breath my expelled air, very intoxicating.

Rubber encasement is something I revel in and the clinic is a perfect setting to enjoy that. Just about any of the medical treatments can be enhanced with the addition of latex. Whether that is wearing a latex patient gown, being encased in latex sheeting, being bound in the latex bodybag or the restriction of a latex Straight Jacket.

I have a growing collection of latex hoods and gas masks as can be seen by my photographs. Added to this I have a collection of various sized rebreather bags, tubes and anaesthetic masks to evoke memories of old school anaesthetics.

Quite a while ago I added to my medical room a Dinamap ECG machine which happily monitors your heart rhythm as well as your blood pressure, your pulse and your Oxygen saturation. Being confident in reading ECG’s means I can happily take your breath play and anaesthetic roleplay just that bit further than even you thought you could go!