Some of you may already be familiar with me. I am Lady Annisa, a very highly skilled and experienced Dominatrix based in Edinburgh, Scotland. What you might not know is that as well as loving many aspects of Dungeon Domination I also absolutely love and excel at Medical Domination and Fetish. The other thing you probably don’t know about me is that I am a Trained Nurse with 20 years experience (no longer practicing) which gives me more than enough of an ego to say when it comes to medical fetish, I know what I’m doing.

Now that I have officially retired from my previous career I’m very thankful for all that I gained during my years as a nurse. It equipped me with a mountain of skills. As well as the obvious ones of being trained in every procedure I carry out, having a thorough knowledge of aseptic technique and patient safety, there are also less obvious skills. Ones like being able to read non verbal communication extremely well. Knowing when someone is getting to the edge, when someone is uncomfortable and knowing when things need to be pulled back. All just as important as knowing how to carry out a procedure.

I have an excellent understand of what motivates my patients to seek out a Medical Mistress and the psychology behind the eroticism of the medical environment. I personally love eroticising medical procedures and equipment too. Now that I no longer practice in the NHS I allow myself to revel in my patients’ pain and discomfort as well as their elation and excitement.

I am confident enough in my skills to say if you are interested in submitting in a medical environment to a Medical Mistress who has the skill and knowledge to assess, plan, implement and evaluate some of the most demanding and challenging of medical procedures, then you have come to the right place. I possess the required training and expertise to lead the novice gently down the path of medical fetish with ease and confidence as well as pushing the most experienced of medfet enthusiasts to the edge of their endurance.